• Deed of Appreciation and title of *'Premier Engineer'* granted by Parliament of Iran and Committee for Celebration of National Day of Engineering to Mr. S.M. Sadr Hashemi Nejad, CEO of Stratus Holding Group, in commemoration of his valuable and qualified services to the engineering community *(Feb. 2014)*


    International Certificates of Stratus International Contracting Company



    Nowadays with the ever-increasing expansion and diversification of the industries in this age of communications, companies are looking for developing reciprocal and mutual co-operations and creation of value added due to the synergism in such a manner to achieve an acceptable share of the highly competitive markets by taking due benefit from the competition privileges.
    In parallel with this, in the light of the motto “Today nothing resembles yesterday” and taking advantage of the experience as one of our most valuable assets together with synergism of different but correlated activities, we have laid the foundation of a Holding titled Stratus Group.
    As a holding, this group has been able to establish companies within a complex engaged in the various sectors namely housing and urban development, finance, credit, investment, insurance, general contracting, industries and trade on the one hand and to promote the furthering, development and materialization of the objectives set by the component companies by exerting appropriate managerial and organizational attitudes, on the other.
    Stratus Group relies on the co-operation among the following five groups of companies in four different industries as follows:
    • Group of companies actively engaged in financial services, investment, money market and insurance
    • Group of companies actively engaged in real estate and properties
    • Group of companies actively engaged in trade and commerce
    • Group of companies actively engaged in the field of contracting
    • Group of companies actively engaged in industries and trading services