Other Companies

.Samaneh Stratus Investment Co
“Samaneh Stratus Investment Co. was founded in the year 2000 and then was admitted to the Securities & Exchange Organization of Iran in 2013 as an investment-financial entity.
The company is active in the investment in the stock and non-stock companies, investment departments of the funds, securities, coins and precious metals, …”

Novin Plasma Development & Equipment Industry
“It was established in 2016 in Kerman, in order to build an industrial town for the health issues and undertaking the related projects thereto.
The company has currently obtained the operation license for a town at an area of 86 ha for which all infrastructures, including water and power supplies, access roads, entrance road and the passages are constructed.”

Danay-e-Nik Gostar Pishro Co.
“The company was founded in 2009 in the field of mine, including study and research, feasibility study, consultation, design and engineering, exploration, searching, mineral planning, registration of the explored regions, distribution of all types of drawings and books, mine barrings, …
Currently the company has two licenses for exploration of the minerals chromites and manganese in Hormozgan province, Iran.”

.Arman Sazan Tose’e Andish Co
It was established in 2011, in order to furnish the tourism infrastructures in Kerman province in Iran. In 2021, the first phase of the tourism complex ‘Rabor Palace Hotel’ was operated. Also ‘Sadr Hashemi Nejad’ Charity Foundation was founded in 2014, to promote the educational conditions of the region for the talented poor children

.Mahtab Gostar Karmania Co
This company was first established in 2010 for construction of a power plant at small scale and then changed its field of activities to the healthcare and pharmaceutical products and in 2022 obtained the license and general admission for establishment of a human plasma refinery from Iran’s Food & Drug Organization, Ministry of Health. The complex is under construction in the industrial town of health in Kerman province. The foundation has been performed and the water and power infrastructures, access roads and passages are completed.

Azarbaijan Industry Promotion Co. (TSA Co.)
“This company entered into business on 1994 with the aim of manufacturing the industrial and agricultural machineries. Then it started the mass production of a variety of combines, sandwich panels, fixed and mobile conexes, prefabricated houses, rail wagons’ wheels and axles, and other industrial items.
TSA Co. has been awarded some international prestigious certificates and its machineries and other productions under the trademark “Sahand” are renowned in Iran and the Middle East.”